[Photo & News] Kim Hee Sun and Lee Min Ho fiercely battle against each other.

[Photo & News] Kim Hee Sun and Lee Min Ho fiercely battle against each other. 
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Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun recently got laughs by fiercely competing against each other on the set. In SBS TV’s drama series Faith, Choi Young (played by Lee Min Ho) always takes care of Eun Soo (played by Kim Hee Sun) to keep the promise that he will send her back to the place where she came from.

Because he’s a warrior of the Goryeo Dynasty, who thinks keeping a promise is more important than his life, he is always worried about Eun Soo’s safety and fights against Ki Cheol (played by Yoo Oh Sung) for her. However, Lee and Kim on the set were different from their characters of the series.

They fiercely competed against each other on an online game. Battling against each other, they even played tricks to win. The crew said, “They’re probably going to fight for real if they continue playing the game.”

Faith, which stars Lee Min Ho, Kim Hee Sun, Yoo Oh Sung, Ryu Duk Hwan, and Park Se Young, is a historical drama series about people in the Goryeo Dynasty, who try to get away from the interference of Yüan. It airs every Monday and Tuesday at 9:55 p.m.

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