[News] Lee Byung Hun receives praise from the ‘Los Angeles Times’.

[News] Lee Byung Hun receives praise from the ‘Los Angeles Times’.
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Actor Lee Byung Hun recently received a lot of praise by the ‘Los Angeles Times’.

On September 29th, the Los Angeles ran a story on Lee Byung Hun which was on the front page of their entertainment section. The influential newspaper met with the star actor at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the location of the red carpet premiere for his film, ‘Masquerade‘.

Shortly after the premiere, Lee Byung Hun sat down to conduct an interview with the gathered media for 5 hours. The ‘LA Times’ described the talented actor as a “handsome, tousle-haired actor… Lee is called South Korea’s Brad Pitt. It’s a comparison invited by his smoldering good looks, easygoing charm and mega-star status at home.”

In particular, the highly influential ‘LA Times’s critic, Robert Abele stated that Lee Byung Hun has “commanding central performances” and reported that he was highly impressed with his acting.

In related news, the ticket sales for ‘Masquerade’ recently exceeded 5.2 million and is setting Korean box office records.

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