[News] "Ooh La La Couple" VS "The Horse Healer" & Faith.

[News] "Ooh La La Couple" VS "The Horse Healer" & Faith.
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The toss and turning continued. The percentage went up and down 5%. This is about the three competing Monday and Tuesday dramas in the three main broadcasting stations KBS, MBC and SBS.

The new competition between dramas on the 1st of October was intense.

KBS 2TV "Ooh La La Couple" and MBC "The Horse Healer" were released for the first time. According to the AGB Nielsen Media Research, the two dramas went neck-to-neck with SBS "Faith" from the very beginning.

"The Horse Healer" had a good start. It had the upper hand for the first 13 minutes from 10:05PM to 10.18PM up to 8%~10%.

It didn't last long. "Ooh La La Couple" butted in halfway. It took over the upper hand from 10:20PM. It competed with "Faith" between 10:40PM to 10:50PM giving up and taking back the first place but still in the lead of "The Horse Healer". Looking at the real time graph, "Ooh La La Couple" has first place.

However, a drama producer from one of the three main companies was careful as he said, "No hasty conclusions".

This is because real times graphs often turn out different from the actual viewing rate. According to officials in this business, the real time graphs doesn't show the national average but certain parts only. AGB Nielsen Media also notified that the results may differ due to the accumulated viewing rates that show up the next day and compilation rules.

The three dramas were on the like on 10% on this day. This may be because of the holiday weekend.

The first episode of "Ooh La La Couple" drew interest with Kim Jung-eun's act of a house wife intimidated by her husband. Her lines involved, "He treats me like a maid", "He's not on my side", "I think that's why they're called 'husbands'".

"The Horse Healer" heavily drew out the fates of the characters and complicated pasts. Jo Seung-woo and Lee Yo-won were nowhere to be seen expect for Son Chang-min, Jun No-min and Yoo Seon. "Faith" hinted the parting of Kim Hee-sun and Lee Min-ho.

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