[News] Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun heal each other’s pain with love on Faith.

[News] Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun heal each other’s pain with love on Faith.
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Kim Hee Sun is currently attracting a lot of attention in SBS TV’s drama series Faith.

Kim plays the role of Eun Soo, a former surgeon who becomes a plastic surgeon, in the series. She’s a selfish character who doesn’t have a professional mind for her job. However, she becomes a faithful person after she comes to Goryeo, where Choi Young (played by Lee Min Ho) is.

In the fifth episode of the series, Eun Soo doesn’t understand why Choi Young, who gets stabbed by her, is still unconscious even after she successfully performs a surgery. However, she learns how to be responsible for her patients after that as she tries to save Choi Young’s life and falls in love with him.

Whenever Eun Soo tries to run away, Choi Young stays with her to protect her. Realizing his sincerity, Eun Soo gets to understand him and becomes a woman who cares about him.

In the 22nd episode of the series, which aired on October 23, Eun Soo decides to stay with Choi Young, saying there will be no meaning to live a life even if she goes back to her world.

Because it was a brave decision, viewers were touched by Eun Soo.

There are only two more episodes of the series left.

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