[VOD / Photo & News] "May Queen" Jae Hee turns bad.

[VOD / Photo & News] "May Queen" Jae Hee turns bad.
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Polite and earnest Park Chang-hee (Jae Hee) became a bad guy and decided he will take revenge.

MBC weekend drama "May Queen" showed Chang-hee promise to take revenge on Do-hyun (Lee Duk-hwa) after being humiliated.

Chang-hee planned on leaving Korea with Hae-joo (Han Ji-hye) but couldn't as he was threatened by Do-hyeon. He used Chang-hee's father Ki-chul (Kim Gyu-chul) and Hae-joo against him. Chang-hee knelt in front of Do-hyeon and had to beg for forgiveness.

Ki-chul was disappointed he had come back and he lied, "I couldn't leave you and Hae-joo didn't want to go".

Ki-chool cried in disappointment and Chang-hee said, "I guess this is my fate. I give up trying to go down the bright road. I am going to go dark like Jang Do-yung and I am going to stand taller than him". He continued, "I am going to watch him crumble. I am going to do anything to see that happens even if it means holding hands with the devil. I am going to take everything of his. Watch me".

Chang-hee broke up with Hae-joo on bad terms for his revenge and started threatening people with their weaknesses.

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