[News] Ha Ji Won: “My first love gave me good memories”.

[News] Ha Ji Won: “My first love gave me good memories”.
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Actress Ha Ji Won recently talked about her first love.

On October 6, Ha attended a press conference for her essay At This Moment and said, “I’m not in touch with my first love but I still have the same feelings that I had at the moment.”

When the reporters asked her about first love, she replied, “I think I didn’t know much about love at the time. I have loved stars since my first love put them in my room. Thanks to him, I went through a beautiful puberty with his love. I appreciate him for that.”

She added, “He was good at writing and was very artistic. He gave me a lot of good memories.”

The essay has various sections about star, candle, mirror, snow, hat, sweat, challenge, and acting. She shares a story that she had never revealed before. Pictures of her, taken by her friends, are also included in the essay and drew a lot of attention.

Ha will soon make her appearance on the big screen in 2013.

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