[News] “Seo-young, My Daughter” Crowned for 8th Straight Week.

[News] “Seo-young, My Daughter” Crowned for 8th Straight Week.
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KBS weekend drama “Seo-young, My Daughter” has defended its most-watched TV program title for the eight consecutive weeks, holding off other strong competitors on the weekly ratings chart.

The Park Hae-jin and Lee Bo-young starrer topped the chart with 32.0 percent of the total viewers during the week of November 19 to 25, according to data compiled by TNmS [Total National Multimedia Statistics] Monday.

The family drama has captured the strong support from middle-aged audience by portraying a daughter-father relationship.

Chasing fast the elusive chart topper, Shinhwa member Kim Dong-wan’s new drama “Cheer Up, Mr. Kim!” has secured its runner-up position for the third week in a row.

Since its premiere on November 5, the KBS daily TV series has received rave reviews from the critics and viewers by the story of a 32-year-old bachelor Kim Tae-pyeong [Kim], who accidentally becomes a guardian of four children.

Registering 21.7 percent during the same time frame, MBC weekend drama “May Queen” foiled long-time second runner-up “Gag Concert,” where singer-actor Lee Seung-gi made his guest appearance in last Sunday's episode.

While KBS “Gag Concert” posted 21.4 percent of the audience, “KBS 9 o’clock News” rounded off the top five with 20. 6 percent last week.

Other programs loved by the public here list SBS’ daily series “Still You,” SBS’ variety show “I Like Sundays,” MBC’s comedy program “Infinite Challenge,” KBS’ reality show “Happy Sunday” and MBC Wednesday and Thursday primetime series “The King’s Doctor.”

In the meantime, AGB Nielson Media Research showed different orders from the TNmS’ during the fourth week of November.

While “Seo-young” dominated the chart with 28.9 percent of the viewers tuned in, “Cheer Up” and “Gag Concert” followed next with 23.9 and 20.9 percent, respectively.

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