[News] Lee Jong Seok Warns Facebook Impersonator.

[News] Lee Jong Seok Warns Facebook Impersonator.
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After finding out that he has a Facebook account that he didn’t know existed, Lee Jong Seok took to his SNS to warm the impersonator.

On December 18, he wrote on his me2day account, “I don’t do Facebook. If I catch you, I’ll kill you.”

Although the statement could be taken as too harsh, Lee Jong Seok added a smiling picture of himself while wearing a school uniform, toning down the firm warning. He added to this post, “Make sure to watch the live broadcast!”

He is currently filming as Go Nam Soon in KBS’ School 2013, an outsider who has a sad history that he tries to overcome.

After seeing his warning to the Facebook impersonators, netizens commented, “I was shocked just reading the sentence, but the twist came with the picture,” “I hope that person sees this,” and “Stop with the hacking and the impersonating.”

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