[News] KBS Drama “My Husband” Wears Throne on 2012 TV Chart.

[News] KBS Drama “My Husband” Wears Throne on 2012 TV Chart.
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KBS has proved its dominant position on TV ratings chart with its hit weekend series “My Husband Got a Family.”

The Kim Nam-joo and Yoo Jun-sang starrer sat atop the 2012 yearly TV ratings chart with an average 33.1 percent of ratings, AGB Nielson Media Research announced Monday.

Beating out MBC period drama “The Moon Embracing the Sun” at No. 2 with 32.9 percent, the comic and touching 58-episode drama firmly grabbed the audiences for more than five months since it topped the weekly chart on the first week of April.

The overwhelming popularity of “My Husband” stayed around 40 percent mark, reaching 52.3 percent at its highest peak on the final episode airing date on September 9, recording the highest ratings per minute of the year.

Along with the comic family drama, KBS put its two other weekend series of 2012 in the top five. “Ojakgyo Brothers” landed at No.3 with an average 30.7 percent of total viewers, while “Seo-young, My Daughter” followed next with 28.4 percent ratings.

The channel also shows off its strong status with landing daily dramas “Reaching for the Stars” on No.5, “Cheer Up Mr. Kim” on No. 6 and “My One and Only” on No. 8.

AGB’s research finding is based on analyzing data from 3,134 households around the nation from January 1 to December 16, 2012.

Below are the top ten programs of 2012 and their ratings:

1. KBS weekend series “My Husband Got a Family,” 33.1%

2. MBC Wed and Thur series “The Moon Embracing the Sun,” 32.9%

3. KBS weekend series “Ojakgyo Brothers,” 30.7%

4. KBS weekend series “Seo-young, My Daughter,” 28.4%

5. KBS daily series “Reaching for the Stars,” 23.7%

6. KBS daily series “Cheer Up, Mr. Kim!” 23.6%

7. KBS “2012 London Olympics soccer group B match [South Korea vs. Mexico],” 23.3%

8. KBS daily series “My One and Only,” 21.9%

9. SBS “The 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil – 3th Preliminaries: Asia [South Korea vs. Kuwait],” 21.1%

10. KBS comedy show “Gag Concert,” 20.6%

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