[News] Moon Geun Young Is Irresistible on Set of Drama .

[News] Moon Geun Young Is Irresistible on Set of Drama .
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Moon Geun Young knows how to get her treats.

On January 13, the producers of SBS′ Cheongdamdong Alice released photos showing Moon Geun Young on set on January 10.

The actress is shown squatting near the filming site, waiting for her scenes to come around. She is also holding out her hands toward a fellow staff member seemingly handing her a bottle of water.

According to an official, Moon Geun Young put on a cute face at the time, asking staff to get her snacks and some water. The staff members couldn′t pass up the cute expression, and ended up getting her what she asked for.

Netizens commented on the photo, "I′ll get you those snacks~" "I want to get her food and money too" and "The nation′s little sister Moon Geun Young is still there!"


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